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    9 Reasons Not to Upgrade to Firefox 2.0
    Posted by listvine * October 25, 2006

     Firefox 2.0 has officially been released for download by Mozilla.
    Despite great fanfare, new features, and a growing user base, many problems are already surfacing with the new release of the Firefox browser.
    While some were already underwhelmed with the now-released product, and disputed the 2.0 badge, it seemed that the development was following the Mozilla Roadmap quite closely.

    However, in the few days since the release, the lack of polished improvements combined with a high level of user satisfaction with the older version of the browser have given rise to a growing sense that upgrading to 2.0 might not be a good idea. Here’s Why:

    * The new theme is too bulky, inconsistent on different platforms, and inferior to the highly refined and very user friendly theme of 1.5 (this is despite late efforts by Mozilla to spruce up the icon set and improve consistency) * Antiphishing technology is both weak (blacklist based) and a potential privacy problem. The privacy issues are raised because Firefox 2.0 Antiphishing Features employ an engine previously released by Google, which has been shown to potentially cause privacy risks.

    * The new Options dialog box is confusing, poorly designed, and illogically hides important features * There are many reported compatibility issues with the large existing libraries of extensions, themes, and plugins currently avaialble for earlier versions of Firefox. While this can, to some degree, be expected, the loss of this huge user contributed extension base is a non-trivial problem with Firefox 2.0, and could be a deal breaker for some people all by itself

    * The well known memory leak issue, which causes the Firefox browser to consume ever increasing amounts of RAM, eventually leading to sluggish performance and crashes, has been carried over into yet another generation. This is despite an enormous amount of public commentary and user requests for resolution prior to release of a new version of Firefox

    * There are reported problems with the CSS engine in Firefox 2.0, affecting various websites, and making certain features unavailable to surfers. Notable among these is a continued problem with certain aspects of Yahoo! mail

    * Reports indicate that episodes of random freezing during use are worse with the 2.0 version, though a cause has not yet been isolated

    * Numerous users have reported that the History bar is buggy, and that in some instances - for unknown reasons - will not display recent items when the history menu is opened as a side panel

    * RSS feed handling has taken a step backwards, and is inferior to that of IE7.

    Not all of these issues have been reported by all users, and several are matters of personal preference. If you are happy with the Firefox 1.5 experience, and depend on several extensions, themes, or plugins for day to day use, the the problems reported with Firefox 2.0 may indicate that waiting to upgrade is a good course of action.
    Le site étant down suite à la parution de l'article sur Slashdot, je l'ai recopié ici


  • Puisqu'on en parlais , pas plus tard que y a pas longtemp, voici la photo d'un Firefox ou "Panda Rouge" :

    Photo d'un Firefox ou panda rouge

  • re,

    J'ai l'impression aussi qu'ils ont sorti cette version un peu à la "va vite" car ya pas mal de problèmes "signalés"...du type perte d'accentués...etc...


  • Oui tout à fait ... et puis pourquoi se précipiter ?
    Laissons les autres faire les beta testeurs wink

    Tiens aujourd'hui, Windows Update me propose IE7 !!! le con ...
     "Non merci , j'utilise un "VRAI" navigateur "
    je recopie l'argumentaire marketing :
    This free upgrade to Internet Explorer for genuine Windows customers offers improvements such as: enhanced security to help protect you from malicious software and fraudulent websites; a cleaner look, including tabs for browsing multiple pages in one window; features to make everyday tasks such as printing and searching the web easier. This upgrade preserves your current home page, search settings, favorites, and compatible toolbars, and can be uninstalled if you decide to do so.
    Putain attendre la version 7 pour lire ca !!
    "Enhanced security" c'est pas ce qu'ils avaient déjà dit pour la version 6 ? Moi j'ai vu les enhanced bugs et virus , mais la sécuritée je la cherche encore ...
    Sinon pour le reste, j'ai Firefox et dans l'extreme "Maxthon" !!

    ericc me

  • re,

    Oui tout à fait ... et puis pourquoi se précipiter ? Laissons les autres faire les beta testeurs
    Ne jamais se précipiter...t'as raison..Ki va lontano

    "Enhanced security" c'est pas ce qu'ils avaient déjà dit pour la version 6 ? Moi j'ai vu les enhanced bugs et virus , mais la sécuritée je la cherche encore ...

    Euh...même cette version ie7 qui va être ds vista...euh...pourquoi "ils" intégrent une suite anti-vérole, anti-spy/phising et anti-anti

    Ah gratuite...ça passera...à être "payant"...faut bien se remplir les poches...avec leurs rustines perpetuelles pour combler le trou du trou du trou-trou...


  • Laissons les autres faire les beta testeurs
    bah moi par exemple !!!

    FF2 est livré d'origine avec Ubuntu 6.10 ... donc je test !
    et ma foi ! ça fonctionne sans bugs ! juste (bah oui biensur !) themes et plugins qui ne sont plus compatible pour la plupart

    "FF2 linux" tourne nickel !

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